At Stoney Park, we operate a full time ski school, which can cater for anyone from the 1st time novice, to the seasoned professional. Whether its slalom, barefooting, trick skiing, or jumping, no matter what your fancy, we cater for it all behind our new boats; the powerful MasterCraft Pro Star, performance-defining ski boats!

You are most welcome to bring along your own ski gear to use or borrow gear from Stoney Park we have everything you will need.

All patrons participating in watersports activities are required to sign a Stoney Park Disclaimer form. For more information, and to download the form, please visit the Disclamer page.

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waterskiing for beginners

Waterskiing For Beginners

If it is your first time on the water, the staff at Stoney Park will prepare you for what you are about to encounter. Before gearing you up with all the necessary equipment, the coach will go through some tuition on body position and technique on the dock, so you are well prepared before hitting the water.

On the water each lesson consists of personalised one-on-one coaching and goes for up to 20min, stopping at either end for a quick rest whilst receiving some more instruction.

We start with a training bar to make the learning curve as quickly as possible, and by the end of the lesson we will have you out the back of the boat on the rope, crossing the wakes. You will be hooked on the adrenalin, and experience the fun of becoming a waterskier for the first time!



intermediate water skiing


Once you have confidently mastered double skis, you will be ready to advance onto a single ski. To make this transition as fun and as easy as possible, the coaches will have you learn one ski on the training bar, then advance you onto the long line behind the boat.  At this stage you will be ready to learn deep water starts and wake crossing in the correct body position.



Advanced Waterskiing


For the experienced single skier who is competent with deep water starts and holding a cutting edge through the wakes. You will now be ready to challenge the slalom course. Stoney Park staff will have you perfecting powerful leans and hard turns in the perfect position. The coaches will have you striving for short line competition slalom and excelling beyond your expectations.

And experience the fun of becoming a waterskier for the first time!




waterskiing for kids

For the Kids

You will be surprised at just how young your children will be able to start skiing here at Stoney Park. With all the coaching tricks on hand to make it as stress free and as fun possible for even the tiny tots.

Stoney has park has all the equipment needed to get your little one up on the water.  We have "skimmer boards", junior hot shot skis and even a boom bar.  Your little one may not even need to get wet to experience the fun of waterskiing.


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