Northern NSW Junior Ski SchoolSunday 2 October 2016 – Friday 7 October 2016

Friday, July 22, 2016

What the week aims to achieve

The junior school is a “grass roots” school designed to teach youngsters the basics of slalom skiing, trick skiing and even long distance jump!

Each day will consist of 3 separate lessons (one on one) during which the coaches will firstly asses each individuals skiing level and work from there.

If your child is on double skis when they arrive, the aim during the week will be to not only drop to a single ski, but also start working on deep water starts.

For those already on a single ski, once the deep water starts have been perfected, the coaches will work on their techniques in crossing the wakes, overall body position and then will progress the junior onto skiing through the mini course.

For the more experienced junior who is already competent with the mini course, the weeks programme will be more focused on technique through the slalom course and improving overall speed level and eventually work on being able to shorten the rope length within the course.

During the week there is also the opportunity for the skiers to try their hand at trick skiing. They are usually started off on double trick skis and taught some basic tricks such as side slides and 180 degree turns.

For juniors that are already competent with the basic tricks, the week will aim to add more tricks to their individual trick runs.

Towards the end of the week, there will be the opportunity for those that are keen to go over the jump for the 1st time! This is entirely an individual decision and the coaches will be there helping everyone along the way.

For more experienced junior jumpers, the week will work on improve ramp technique and overall distance.

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