Meet the Stone Family

Stoney Park is a family business, and as the name might lead you to guess, the family name is Stone. 

The park was the vision of former pro skier and now full time waterski coach - Jason Stone, who after skiing and competing for many years overseas, returned with the idea to build a park similar to those he skied and competed on.

Jason and his father, Dennis, scoured the east coast of Australia for suitable to land to build their project on.  After visiting blocks of land from as far north as Cairns, down to as far south as Goulburn (NSW), it was decided that the big project would take place, in a small little town on the NSW mid north coast, just 15 minutes outside of Port Macquarie, called Telegraph Point.

So, with a dream and vision as well, the whole Stone family - Dennis, Joan, Jason and Anissa, packed up from their Wollongong homes and all eventually made the big trip north.

The family are all involved in every way of the running of the park, not just in the public eye, but behind the scenes as well.